About Us

Our waterway’s mix of cold ocean tides, warm water inlets, and the temperate Great Salt Bay that feeds the river creates an ideal oyster environment unlike any other in the world. Our sea farm was started by the work of an obsessive marine biologist partnering with the State of Maine to take advantage of that fact. It took a dozen years of intense experimentation to establish the environmentally-sustainable practices and operational efficiency that support our farm today. Like the river we call home, we continue to evolve to refine our efforts to produce the one thing we’re most passionate to share: the perfect oyster.


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Our Farmers

Ryan McPherson

Throughout all his years on the open ocean, Ryan’s been fishing for his place upon the water. As the happy captain of Glidden Point, he’s finally found his home.


Moving his muscles by day and noggin’ at night is just John’s kind of jam. He relishes his dual role hopping between ops and balancing the Glidden Point books.

Hannah Grady

Product specialist and culler Hannah had her eyes set on Maine aquaculture for a long time. After learning the oyster trade, she joined Ryan and Jon on the farm to get the goods to the people. Part time shucker, travel junkie, bag ‘n’ tag expert.

Kelly Punch

Kelly’s the kind of Jill-of-all trades who blossoms wherever she’s planted. Whether picking, sorting, or packing, Kelly just glows when she goes with the Glidden Point flow.

Joel Spinney

Spinney’s technically a moun­tain man, but after building, adapting and running the drag crew for months, now he’s a river man too. Full bags and long days are Spinney’s trademarks. His storytelling is pretty epic too.