This is Colin “The Hoss” Casey, and if you know Colin, you probably know his shadow, Carl, our unofficial mascot and official shift supervisor. Colin is the primary diver at Glidden Point, which means that it’s more than likely he’s handled the oyster on your platter more than once—from seed work, to planting, and then picking it up off the river bottom three years later. He’s been diving for 20+ years, in aquaculture for 8, and living and working in Maine for 3, after stints chasing waves & water in Hawaii, Thailand, and California.

Colin is easily recognized in town by his beat up black Tacoma truck, always with a surfboard hanging out the back, and Carl’s head hanging out the passenger window. Many mornings have started by pulling in with the sun barely peeking through the trees, thinking you’re the first to arrive only to find that Colin has already been there for a half hour. Driver door cocked open, Maritime Farms coffee steaming, one boot on the ground, radio going softly, enjoying the peace and quiet before the day ahead.

Colin earned his nickname by being a straight up brute. He’ll talk your ear off with a cigarette bobbing out the side of his mouth while carrying six bags of oysters in each hand charging up the sketchy incline of the ramp at low tide and wonder why you’re huffing and puffing at the top holding just two. He can flip bags all day, and all night, if you asked. He holds the record for most oysters ever pulled up in a dive, and he dives year round, slipping into the 40 degree winter river like it’s a big bathtub. He’s no stranger to hard work, putting in his time, and you can always rely on him for a good laugh and another round at the end of the night.

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