John Clapp, Farm Manager

Meet John Clapp, a native Mainer (our only of the bunch) and farm manager at Glidden Point. For John, it took leaving home to come back, and before starting his career in aquaculture, he worked as an ocean engineer designing ocean bottom seismographs for Columbia University. He has spent considerable time on the water, traveling and seeing the world on research vessels. John cut his teeth at Blue Yonder Oyster Farm working for Charlie White in Duxbury, MA before returning to Maine to take the reins at Glidden Point.

John is a true example of the values we have at the farm by living and breathing them every day. He gets to work early, stays late, and is responsible for many things and then some. Most importantly, John is a caretaker for the millions of oysters we have on our combined 30 acres of leased area, deciding how to get from point a (seed) to point b (market size oyster). Easier said than done, as there are many ways to get there, with many bumps along the way. John is a jack of all trades, as you must be in this business. He dives, he tends, he builds, he fixes what is broken, and jury-rigs what he can’t. He makes do, has a good time doing it, and takes pride in the work he’s accomplished at the end of the day. We’re lucky to have him.

When not on the river farming, you’ll find John bombing around the river on his 13 ft Whaler & playing pond hockey in the winter. He’s currently reading Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell, and his favorite oyster besides Gliddens are Blue Yonders from Duxbury.


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