Bombazines are grown by Ferda Farms in the New Meadows River, an area that is attracting new growers and becoming distinguished in Maine. Ferda Farms is a young farm, but the guys who run the farm make up for it in their energy, tenacity and passion for aquaculture. Ferda Farms was the winner for a UMaine Business Challenge, and also partner with multiple marine biology labs in the state to improve the sustainability of their operation. Ferda Farms are a part of new wave of young aquaculturists who will continue to keep the working water front alive in Maine. Ferda is comprised of college busde Max Burtis and Sam Dorval, Max's younger brother Isaac Burtis and father, Chris Burtis. They have been growing Oysters since 2018. 

Founded: 2018

Location: New Meadows River, ME

Technique: Oysters start as seed in floating bags. Bags are continually tumbled and split to reduce density for optimum growing conditions until they reach market size. 

Appearance: Bombazines are well tumbled and resemble river rocks in the hand. They are easy to open for surface cultured oysters and will be appreciated by shuckers. 

Flavor: Clean. grassy notes from the estuarine growing habitat. 

Grade: 2.5-3"

Bombazines ship Priority Overnight, in counts of 36 oysters per order.




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