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Robinhood Coves are grown by the Georgetown Island Oyster Cooperative, which was started in 2017 and comprised of 12 different farms. The co-op was started by fishermen, mostly clammers and lobstermen in an effort to diversify their livelihoods and combat climate change. Robinhood coves are farmed in a saltwater cove that provides the perfect mix of cold ocean water and rich nutrients from the extensive salt marsh at the bottom of the cove. They have a delicate brine, and a crisp, mineral finish.

Norumbegas are known for their hardy bottom cultured Damariscotta Oyster staple. Eric Peters has been farming Norumbegas in the Damariscotta River since 2006.  He’s an integral part of the oyster community on the river and is constantly working hard to deliver some of the best oysters around.

Johns River are grown by Dave Cheney and his crew, John's River Oysters start their cultivation at the head of the Damariscotta River in the Great Salt Bay. The warm, nutrient-rich environment helps the oysters grow fast in the Summertime. Once they're the right size, Dave slows them down by bottom planting the oysters 10 miles downriver, in the colder waters of John's River. They'll spend another year on the bottom here before they are harvested. This unique cultivation method gives these oysters their signature rock hard shell and clean, full ocean flavor.

Aphrodites are grown by Krista Tripp in the Weskeag River, which feeds into Penobscot Bay of Midcoast Maine. Krista grew up lobstering in the bay and now captains her own boat out of Spruce Head in addition to growing oysters. Aphrodites grow out in floating cages on the surface of the Weskeag, and are a clean, bright, saline tasting oyster, due to the proximity to the ocean.

This is Carlisle Island Oysters' debut. CIO's are grown by Max Ritchie, the Glidden Point Operations Manager. Max's farm is the newest addition to the Damariscotta River, and his farm is considerably closer to the river mouth than Glidden Leases are. He grows surface cultured oysters in the lee of Carlisle Island, and they are a petite size of 2.5-3". CIOs taste noticeably robust, rich, and luxurious. 

Oysters are priced by the dozen.

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