*Farm Pickup* Flying Point


Flying Points are harvested from two growing sites, one in Freeport and the other in the Sheepscot River. The oysters are bottom cultured and drag-harvested. These particular Flying Points are grown at the confluence of the Royal and Cousins River in Freeport. Flying Points have a reliably hefty shell that make for easy shucking. Eric Horne and Valy Steverlynck are the husband-wife team behind Flying Point Oysters. They run a lean, no frills operation and handle all farming and business themselves, along with the help of their children. They’re also some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

Founded: 2000

Location: Freeport, ME

Technique: Bottom Cultured, drag harvested

Appearance: Green and brown, heavy shell

Flavor: Bright and clean, crisp and refreshing

Grade: 3"

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