Abigail Pearl Oyster


Abigail Pearl Oysters are grown by Nonesuch Oyster Company, located within a nature conservancy at the confluence of the Nonesuch and Scarborough River at Nonesuch Point in Scarborough, Maine. The site is sandy, shallow, and right next door to one of Maine largest salt marshes. Abigail Pearls are very salty and full of flavor due to their proximity to both the marsh and the Atlantic Ocean. The environment is a perfect growing area for oysters, and the warm brackish waters are full of nutrients for the oysters to feed on. 

Founded: 2008

Location: Nonesuch River, Scarborough, ME

Technique: Surface cultured. Seed is raised in the Scarborough River and grown to market size in floating bags. 

Appearance: Green & white shells

Flavor: Intense salt, malty & grassy

Grade: Petite 2-2.5"

Abigail Pearls ship Priority Overnight, in counts of 36 oysters per order. 

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