*FARM PICKUP* Live Maine Scallops


*PRE-ORDER FOR FATHER'S DAY* These Scallops will be harvested on Thursday 6/17. You can pick up between 1:00 PM and 4:45 PM on Thursday 6/17, please write us a note in the notes section when you check out with your desired time and date of pick up. ORDERING WILL CLOSE TONIGHT AT 9:00PM (6/16). 

Farmed, in-shell sea scallops are a special product coming out of Maine's Penobscot Bay, and we're excited to share them with you, as they are usually reserved for our wholesale and restaurant customers. Though there is a thriving wild scallop population in Maine, wild scallops from Maine cannot be sold whole, and when you shop scallops at the fish market, you buy just the adductor muscle, which is one piece of the entire scallop. Scallops that are farmed can be sold whole due to the rigorous testing they undergo with the Department of Marine Resources. The size we're offering in this kit are 3"-4" across the entire shell. 24 scallops is the perfect amount for two people. 

  • Comes with 24 Live Scallops
  • A link to a how-to-shuck scallops video
  • Shelf Life is 4 days, please consume all scallops by Monday, June 21. 

When you receive your package, please note that scallops are not like oysters. If they are gaping open, that is normal for them and they are not dead. 

THE FARMERS: These specific scallops are grown by Andrew and Samantha Peters of Vertical Bay, a member farm of The Maine Aquaculture Co-op, that grows exclusively Sea Scallops in the nutrient-rich waters of Penobscot Bay. The Co-op is comprised of Maine fishermen and aquaculturists seeking to expand Maine's Seafood producing industries, diversifying income opportunities for Maine fishermen and strengthening coastal communities. 

HOW THE SCALLOPS ARE GROWN: The Maine Aquaculture Co-op pioneered scallop farming in Maine with the intent to sell the whole scallop, as is a common practice internationally. Mirroring commonly used methods from Japan, farmers in Maine collect wild spat each fall from the surrounding waters and allow the spat to form a shell and grow through the winter. Once hardy enough to handle, the farmers "seed" their farms with these baby scallops during the summer months. Over the coming months and years, farmers then tend to their farms by optimizing growing conditions, keeping the scallops free from predators and with enough space to feed freely. Depending on the size harvested, a Maine-grown sea scallop could be up to 3 or 4 years old and have been handled numerous times during its time on a farm. Andrew and Samantha grow their scallops to market size using lantern nets as well as a Japanese ear-hanging technique, where they drill and hand-pin pairs of scallops to dropper lines. 

SCALLOP APPEARANCE: Shells range in color from beige to red. The inside features the adductor muscle, black stomach and mantle, which varies and can be black, beige or orange. In large sizes, roe may be present. The roe is beige in males and orange in females and is considered a delicacy.

SCALLOP PREPARATION: The entire scallop is edible, but the small black stomach should be removed prior to serving, as it can taste bitter. All orders will also be sent a how-to-shuck scallop video. 

SHELF LIFE: Shelf life is 4 days. Keep stored in rock weed and as cold as possible in your fridge.

This product is *FARM PICKUP ONLY* If you would like scallops shipped, please place your order here. 

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