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Our Oyster of the Week selection is a way for us to continue to support our Coastal Harvesters farm partners amid restaurant closures across the nation. Our farmers have been hit hard, but remain resilient during these times. The varieties we list are usually only available to our wholesale customers, but now we're making them available to you. There will be a small rotating list of producers available weekly. Try something new, and support a Maine oyster farmer. Submarines are this week's oyster of the week. Please select 7/1 as your delivery date.

Submarines are grown by the Ralph Hamill and crew at the Weskeag Oyster Company located on the Weskeag River in South Thomaston, ME. Established in 2000, the farm has been a small family & friend-run operation since 2008. The Weskeag River flows with the tide through an extensive salt marsh that provides the oysters with a rich mix of nutrients. Submarine Selects are WOC's bottom cultured oysters that have spent 1-2 years on the riverbed, developing a thicker shell and plump body that results in a buttery taste and perfect briny finish. They are hardy and easy to shuck, if you love Glidden Selects, you'll love these! They are named in honor of a pedal-powered solo submarine parked in front of the Weskeag Oyster Co.'s farm shed. 

Heron Islands are grown by our friends and neighbors Colin Brannen and Rod Melanson. They are one of the newer growers on the river, and their farm is just across the river from ours. Heron Islands are surface cultured, and have a beautifully green fluted shell, and great meat to shell ratio. They are full of punchy Damariscotta brine, and a pleasure to eat!

Flying Point Oysters are a true Maine family business headed by husband-wife duo Eric and Valy based in Freeport, these two have been in the game longer than most, a steady pulse in the era of instant gratification. While aquaculture has been exploding in Maine in recent years, Eric and Valy have worked quietly behind the scenes, a lean, no frills operation, working on the water is their livelihood, not a lifestyle. While there are two Flying Point growing sites, these will be harvested from their Freeport site at the confluence of the Royal & Harraseeket River. They are bottom cultured, and hand harvested by drag on their trusty Carolina skiff. Flying Points have hardy, fluted shells, are easy to open and have a lovely green shell color. 

Robinhood Coves are grown by the Georgetown Island Oyster Cooperative, which was started in 2017 and comprised of 12 different farms. The co-op was started by fishermen, mostly clammers and lobstermen in an effort to diversify their livelihoods and combat climate change. Robinhood coves are farmed in a salt water cove that provides the perfect mix of cold ocean water and rich nutrients from the extensive salt marsh at the bottom of the cove. They have a delicate brine, and a crisp, mineral finish.

Ice House Oysters are grown by John Cotton and Toni Small in cold clean waters where the St. George River meets Muscongus Bay in Port Clyde, ME. John, a lifelong lobster and tuna fisherman, decided to diversify into oysters and kelp as he experienced firsthand the warming waters of the gulf. Because Ice House Oysters are grown so close to the bay, vs. warmer, brackish waters, they are slow grown in the truest sense. These oysters take 3-4 years to reach maturity, and they pack a salty punch. 

Mere Point was started by friends Doug Nivens and Dan Devereaux because they wanted their sons to have the opportunity to grow up living and working on the coast of Maine like they did. Bought Doug and Dan are involved community members, and are are passionate about enhancing local ecosystems and supporting working waterfront communities. Mere Points are grown in the confluence of Maquoit and Middle Bay on the surface, where they have access to a diverse variety of phytoplankton due to tidal activity. Mere Points are handled often, both by hand and machine tumbled to create ad eep cupped oyster with a full meat, year round.

Aphrodites are grown by Krista Tripp in the Weskeag River, which feeds into Penobscot Bay of Midcoast Maine. Krista grew up lobstering in the bay, and now captains her own boat out of Spruce Head in addition to growing oysters. Aphrodites grow out in floating cages on the surface of the Weskeag, and are a clean, bright, saline tasting oyster, due to the proximity to the ocean.

Pemaquids are grown by Smokey McKeen, the owner and icon of Pemaquid Oyster Company, was among the vanguard when folks first started cultivating oysters in the Damariscotta River. He's been at it since 1986 and, along with this crew, knows how to grow an amazing oyster that is much of a household name for oyster lovers. Pemaquids resemble smooth river rocks, and are easy to open.

This is Carlisle Island Oysters debut. CIO's are grown by Max Ritchie, the Glidden Point Operations Manager. Max's farm is the newest addition to the Damariscotta River, and his farm is considerably closer to the river mouth than Glidden Leases are. He grows surface cultured oysters in the lee of Carlisle Island, and they are a petite size of 2.5-3". CIOs taste noticeably robust, rich and luxurious. 

  • Varieties ship in counts of 36 oysters per order
  • Ships priority overnight
  • Please select July 1 as your delivery date
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Michael C.
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Shipped oysters

Couldn’t of been easier. Very well packed.

Michael S.
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Another Great Maine Oyster

Taste great are super fresh!

Charles R.
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Try something new

I am happy to support the local farmer of some great oysters

Christian E.
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Mere point

A new favorite! Thanks for introduction.

Robin R.
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Absolutely delicious! All of the count was good so no throwaways.

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