Let us share a taste of Maine.

The Coastal Harvesters Collection was born naturally out of the sense of community of oyster farms on the Damariscotta River. Glidden Point is one of six major farms in one of the oldest growing areas in Maine, many of which are our next door neighbors on the shores, and on the water. On this river, the aquaculture community runs deep. There is a sense of shared history and camaraderie and farmers look out for each other, lending boats, lending farm hands, sharing resources and working together and in competition with one another to strengthen each other, as strong parts make up a strong whole, and we are all proud of what a Damariscotta region oyster represents. 

As Glidden Point grew to try to meet rising demand, it made sense to also offer our friends and neighbors oysters for sale alongside our own to match a growing hunger for Maine shellfish though our existing logistics systems. In 2019, the team made a concentrated effort to expand the Coastal Harvesters Collection to include shellfish outside of the Damariscotta Region, and we now have farm partners and harvesters from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay, and carry not just oysters, but also an assortment of clams, mussels, scallops, and frozen shellfish products.
We partner with farmers and harvesters that align with our values and standards of quality. Our partners take the same great care to handle and grow an oyster of utmost quality in sustainable methods that ensure optimal freshness. We can't wait to share our offerings with you, from their farms to your tables. 
See the Coastal Harvesters Collection; our edit of the best shellfish Maine has to offer, now available for purchase on our online store.
Some of our current partners include: Norumbega, John's River, Pemaquid, Mook Sea Farm, Heron Island, Flying Point, Robinhood Cove, Aphrodite, Mere Point & more. For pricing and availability for wholesalers and chefs, or for farms and harvesters that are interested in becoming a part of our program, please send an email to sales@gliddenpoint.com.