Glidden Point Operations
20-30 hrs/week

Glidden Point operations is responsible for taking Glidden Point’s own farmed oysters as well as a variety of oysters from other farms to our markets through our shipping channels. Our customers value our traceability, promptness, organization, and our high quality products.  We take our time to make sure that orders get out the door on time and properly tagged and packed.  We strive to run as efficiently as possible and to high standards of cleanliness and transparency.  As a member of the Glidden Point operations team you will contribute by upholding our standards of quality, traceability and organization, as well as adding ideas and methods to help us get products to a wider variety of customers through new and existing channels.  You will have a unique opportunity to participate in seafood distribution from the hub of Maine aquaculture in a beautiful setting and a tight knit team and community.


  1. Learn tasks and protocols quickly and complete them accurately and consistently
  2. Familiarity or be able to gain familiarity with complex spreadsheets
  3. Efficiency oriented
  4. Clear communication
  5. Be able to work independently while following GP protocols

Daily tasks:



  1. Receive purchased oysters
    1. Fill out log accurately
  2. Print tags and tag and organize received oysters into their requisite locations for ease of packing and loading
  3. Pack each order as needed


  1. Sort and print labels from shipstation
  2. Organize labels for packing
  3. Count out necessary orders from bags
  4. Pack each box carefully and according to order 
    1. Include, postcard, shuck card, temp tracker instructions, temp tracker


  1. Maintain room hygiene
    1. Clean room top to bottom once weekly
    2. Maintain rooms cleanliness throughout the week according to state and GP standards

Occasional tasks

  1. Help out with washing and packing oysters on the farm
  2. Oyster QC