50 Count Glidden Point Oysters


Glidden Point Oysters are renowned for the their heavy shell, and beautiful appearance. We grow Glidden Points slowly, in the nutrient-rich depths of the Damariscotta River, a world class growing environment. We start Glidden Point oysters from seed and grow them in upwellers and floating bags on the surface of the river until they reach the appropriate size to be planted on the leases at the bottom of the river. It is there, up to 40 ft. below at our deepest site, that they develop their heft shell, and mature to market size. It takes 3-4 years to to obtain our full size oysters, We don't rush the process. 

All Glidden Point oysters are harvested by hand, and often by a scuba diver. We touch our oysters every step of the way, and its the care we take, whether it's grading seed, diving, or culling, that produces a premium oyster we're proud to share with you, and proud to call our own. 


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