Bristol Gulf of Maine Scallops


These scallops from fellow Maine business Bristol Seafood are beautiful, chef-quality scallops. They are harvested by fishermen in the Gulf of Maine, with sustainable practices at the top of the priority list. The sea scallops are caught from an MSC-certified fishery in the North Atlantic's ice-cold waters, shucked from their shells by hand, and flash-frozen to lock in freshness from boat to dinner plate. 

These scallops are the first Fair Trade Certified seafood item in the U.S., meaning that your purchase supports local fishing communities and ensure that the people who harvest and package your scallops are treated equitably and fairly along the way. We are proud to partner with Bristol to bring this world-class product to you and your families. 

Ships with four 1# packages FedEx Priority Overnight. Keep frozen until ready to consume. 

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