Cold Cracked Frozen Lobster Meat


We partnered up with local business Ready Seafood to bring Cold Cracked Frozen lobster meat to your dinner table. Cold Cracked Lobster is raw lobster meat that is pressure extracted without heat or steam, and processed within 12 hours of harvest and flash frozen to retail flavor and texture. Ready to poach, sauté, or grill, this fresh shucked raw Maine lobster offers succulent texture, sweet flavor, and countless culinary opportunities.

  • Perfect for menu items where lobster meat and claws are the hero: butter-poached, sautéed, sous vide, or grilled.
  • Eliminates protein degradation by avoiding double-cooking of meat.
  • Available as Claw/Knuckle meat
  • Each order comes with 4 x 8oz packs, ships Priority Overnight. 

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