Glidden Point Topsider 24 ct Add-On


A new oyster to the Glidden Point collection, Topsiders are our farm's first harvest of surface-cultured product. Diversifying our growing methods help add resiliency to our farm, and as an added bonus, they taste delicious.

Topsiders spend their lives growing to market size on the top of the water column, where it's warmer, and they have access to a different set of nutrients than our signature bottom cultured oysters. The result are a faster growing oyster, and a distinctly rich, buttery flavor. These oysters are 2.5-3" are comparable in size to our cocktails. The shells are beautifully striated, but are less hardy than our bottom cultured oysters, so keep in mind when shucking. Try them next to our Glidden Point Select to see and taste the difference a different growing method & area can make. 

Ships in counts of 24, ADD-ON only for the Valentine's Day Scallop Special. 

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