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Salt Wind Oysters are grown by Sam Nygren and Matt Hassler. Nygren and Hassler established Salt Wind Seafarm in the Scarborough River in 2019.  They selected their growing site to border the Scarborough Marsh, one of the largest saltwater marshes in Maine. The result is an oyster that has plenty of access to nutrients needed to grow, due to the freshwater influence in the marsh. Salt Winds are surface cultured oysters that are tumbled twice in their lifetime before being harvested for market. This attention to detail and diligence in handling creates well-shaped oysters with deep cups to grow into.

Sam and Matt are a part of a younger generation of oyster farmers, and the next wave of watermen that are returning to the sea and keeping the working waterfront alive in Maine. Sam still clams regularly, and Matt works as a contractor in addition to farming. They plan on growing the farm into a full-time operation

Founded: 2019

Location: Scarborough River, ME

Technique: Surface Culture

Appearance: White, beefy shells 

Flavor: Mild salt, rich & mouthy meat 

Grade: 3"

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