Our farm was established in 1987 by the work of a dedicated marine biologist who believed that the only way to grow an oyster was to grow a great one. It took many years of trial and error, but by obtaining some of the most ideal growing areas on the Damariscotta River it appears she discovered the simple formula:     Place + Practice = a premium oyster.


We believe that doing something for the love of the product is what matters most. Today we continue this tireless pursuit of perfection to make a lasting impact: on you, our growers and the community that supports us.


For thirty years we have been providing Glidden Point Oysters to wholesalers, chefs,  and individuals; locally, regionally, across the country and beyond. Whether you are an executive chef organizing your next menu or an oyster lover planning a cocktail party, it is our mission to provide you with the best experience, from placing your order to enjoying our product.


Here at Glidden Point, we have built a community of like minded individuals who thrive on the challenges and rewards of working on the salty waters of the Damariscotta River.  

 Meet our farmers


“For a community to be whole and healthy it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other”  Millard Fuller

When sharing our product we are part of integral communities, our employees’, the places we live, our suppliers, our customers and the river we call home. We feel a responsibility to make decisions that will benefit the health of these communities.