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After I place my order, how long does it take for the oysters to arrive?

We are currently harvesting and shipping oysters every Thursday for Friday delivery. When you check out, you have an option to select your desired delivery date.. We always ship FedEx overnight, include your email on your order so you can track your package, we'll send you updates along the way! 

Can I pick up oysters at the farm?

Yes! Go HERE to order oysters for pickup from the farm. Oysters are available for pickup Seven days/week, 11:00AM-5:00PM. 

How long will my oysters last?

They will last 10 days stored in your fridge from the day you receive them.

What is the best way to store them?

Keep them in the mesh bag they arrive in, and place them in a bowl in your fridge. Wet a clean dish cloth and drape it over the bowl so they have some moisture. If storing in the fridge for a few days, dampen the dish cloth every day.

How do you pack your oysters?

We pack them in specialty seafood shipper boxes that have a corrugated cardboard outer layer, and a styrofoam insert inside. We pack the oysters with foodsafe frozen gel packs so that they stay cool during transport. We also pack them rated for 2-day travel, in the event that there is a shipping delay. 


Do you sell pre-shucked oysters?

We do not currently sell pre-shucked oysters. However, we include a how-to-shuck postcard with each oyster order, and if you ever need a hand, there are many resources online, or you could always give us a call. Another great way to consume oysters if shucking is not your thing is to steam, broil and bake in the oven, or put them on the grill. The heat causes them to pop open with no effort!

What do I do if I have an issue with my order?

We want you to be happy with your order, as take great pride in the oysters that we grow. If you have any issues, please reach out to us at, or give us a call at 207-315-7066 and we will resolve any issues to the best of our abilities.

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