Working to reduce our environmental footprint

What is Carbon Click?: 

At Glidden Point, we use Carbon Click to offset the emissions of shipping your orders nationwide. Carbon Click is a certified B corporation that creates solutions to help individuals and businesses offset carbon emissions. With each purchase, an individual has the option to “offset” the carbon emissions created with the production and shipping of the product. Carbon Click helps connect millions of people to projects that reduce pollution and restore nature to combat the environmental and climate crisis. 

Carbon Neutral Cart from CarbonClick on Vimeo.


What is a Carbon Offset?: 

When a customer buys a carbon offset it goes towards projects both locally and around the world that reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. Some of the offsets go towards funding native forest regeneration or renewable energy. It is  the process of rebalancing the carbon that is bioavailable in the atmosphere. When we ship products, it produces more carbon. By supporting these regenerative projects around the world, we are able to sequester, or capture, more carbon out of the atmosphere, and thus reducing the impact of climate change. 

Why We Use It: 

Glidden Point chooses to offer and work with Carbon Click because we see it as an important step in our climate goals. We, as shellfish farmers, are fully aware of the changing climate and how it impacts not only the oysters, but many communities and areas around the world. We recognize that shipping Priority overnight oysters contributes to the climate crisis, and we are excited to be more accountable for our actions, and to offer a solution to mitigate the carbon emissions that result from shipping. 

Customers can see the projects their order supports: 

Customers who include a carbon offset in their purchase receive a confirmation email from Carbon Click with a unique traceability link that they can use to get full details of their contribution including the projects it supported.

How are funds from Carbon Click used?: 

Carbon Click uses a flat rate system when it comes to purchasing carbon offsets. We looked at working with organizations that tried to calculate and estimate the carbon footprint of each package shipped, but when speaking with Carbon Click, we found that these estimations can be inaccurate because of the many variables that go into shipping a package such as mode of transport and distance traveled. Carbon Click uses a generous flat rate to ensure full coverage and full offset of carbon emissions used when shipping. When carbon clicks are purchased in the US, 50% of funds go to projects in the US and 25% of funds go towards international projects. Carbon Click takes a 25% processing fee. See examples of projects below.

Glidden Points 2021 Carbon Offset Breakdown 

  • 7% of all orders placed had the emissions from shipping their packages offset. 
  • We collected $1,652, offsetting 412,820 pounds of CO2, or the equivalent of taking 45 cars off of the road for one year (the average car produces 4.6 tons of CO2 a year)
  • 835 Customers opted to offset the shipping from their orders

Examples of Projects Your Order Will Support

Klawock Heenya Forestry Project

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

This project is operated by Native Alaskans and protects 8,600 acres of forest. 1,000 acres is old-growth forest, home to centuries-old trees and an abundance of biodiversity.

Crow Lake Wind Project

Chamberlain, South Dakota

With a unique ownership structure that allows community investment in clean energy, this project harnesses the power of the wind to provide homes with clean electricity, displacing energy generated from fossil fuel power plants.  

Improved Cooking Practices in Nigeria


This project manufactures and distributes efficient charcoal cookstoves that reduce carbon emissions and household spending, while improving the health of communities all over Nigeria.

To learn more about the global projects Carbon Click is involved in, click here.

At checkout you can choose to add additional support to these projects, going beyond covering the carbon emissions of your order. 


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