How to: Oyster Holiday Tablescape

Whether having a New Year's Eve celebration with friends, or setting the table for Christmas Day dinner, a decorated tablescape with oysters as the centerpiece will get all in the holiday spirit! We hope this tablescape will inspire you to make your own.

What you will need:

  • Table Cloth & napkins
  • An oyster platter, you can use shallow bowls, pans, an old cast iron, use whatever has a some depth so water from melting ice won't overflow onto the table.
  • Shucking Knives & little forks and spoons
  • Small vases
  • Natural materials: Think red berries, lichen, birch bark, moss, eucalyptus, dried flowers, pine, spruce & cedar boughs. 
  • Garnishes and accompaniments such as lemon wedges, mignonette & cocktail sauce
  • Winter fruits such as grapefruit, pomegranate, cranberries and oranges
  • Candles of varying heights and colors
  • Trinkets and tchotchkes, the more the merrier!
  • You could also add: Tinned fish, a charcuterie board


Of course you can arrange items however you like, but this is how we did it. We began with the fish platter as our centerpiece, and waited until the end to fill with ice and shuck the oysters. Layer and fan out your larger natural materials such as pine boughs etc under the platter and tuck in bits like lichen, moss or red berries. Fill vases with dried flowers, eucalyptus or red berry bunches.

Add larger items such as plates of fruit, garnishes and bowls of mignonette and cocktail sauce. Add napkins with shuckers on top, should your guests like to shuck their own oysters, candles and larger pieces of whole fruit. Now, with what space is left, add in trinkets, sparkly ornaments, and tchotchkes. More is more!

Happy Holidays from Glidden Point.

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