A true Maine family business headed by husband-wife duo Eric and Valy based in Freeport, these two have been in the game longer than most, a steady pulse in the era of instant gratification. While aquaculture has been exploding in Maine in recent years, Eric and Valy have worked quietly behind the scenes, a lean, no frills operation, working on the water is their livelihood, not a lifestyle.

We spent a sun soaked afternoon with Eric, Valy, and their son on on their Southern Maine lease, after showing up at their house in Freeport where they also have an honor box and fridge for locals to pick up oysters. Eric piled their kids into the well loved navy suburban, and we drove to the public boat launch, carolina skiff in tow.

After dropping the kids on the beach, we hopped in and watched while they worked like a well oiled machine, running the drag, talking about going back to school during pandemic times (Valy’s on the school board), dumping the drag contents on the table, culling, shooting the breeze, bagging, and ruminating over what will happen to the oyster market this fall.

Eric and Valy have a certain draw to them, they are kind, honest, hardworking Mainers, well weathered by the elements and the ups and downs of making a living in aquaculture. We found it hard-pressed to leave them at the end of the day. 


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