Trashbird is a trio of Portland bartenders who are committed to reducing waste in the hospitality industry. As an anti-waste business, the members of Trashbird love the lower carbon footprint inherent to eating local. Since there's nothing more local than our own coastline, Glidden Point & Trashbird have teamed up to provide you with wine suggestions and cocktail recipes that pair well with a few dozen oysters through the journal series Oyster Liquor. 

A note: We understand that you may not have the time or equipment at home to use some of the more intensive waste reduction techniques. So while we include instructions for ingredients such as citrus stock, many drink recipes will contain possible solutions. 

These recipes were created to pair with oysters on the halfshell. The recipes are complex, but will be a great quarantine activity. Send us photos or tag us on instagram (@drinktrashbird / @gliddenpoint) if you make them!

The first recipe we'd like to introduce is the Sashimi Mary. 


Our first cocktail is a take on a classic that begs to have an oyster on it. Our Bloody Mary takes its inspiration from the sushi chef's love of combining fresh seafood with earthy, umami flavors of soy and sesame.


2 oz Vodka
2.5 oz Tomato Juice
1.5 tbsp Tomato Paste
0.25 tsp Hot Sesame Oil
0.25 tsp Soy Sauce *
1.5 tsp Citrus Stock **
0.25 tsp Wasabi Paste
0.5 tsp Oyster Liquor
Black Sesame Seeds (rim only)
Nori (rim only)


Rim a collins glass with 50/50 mix of crushed black sesame seed and crushed nori. Take all ingredients in a shaker with ice, roll back and forth between tins several times until chilled, pour contents into rimmed collins glass and serve. Try these with a few dozen Glidden Points.
* The tricky bit here is balancing the salt. If you use a  low sodium tomato juice or make your own, you can adjust the soy accordingly or add a pinch of salt to balance things out. 
** If making citrus stock is out of your comfort zone or you want something quick, you can substitute with fresh squeezed lemon juice at about 1 tsp or to taste. 

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