Cooking with Fire: A Dinner at Glidden Point Oyster Farms with Ben Jackson

This past Sunday night, after a month of planning by with the intention to create a space where people could come together to enjoy a heartfelt meal during the pandemic in a safe way, and a rain date rescheduling, we had our first event of 2020 at the farm. Chef Ben Jackson of Drifter's Wife, and his left hand man, Jimmy Leftis cooked for 51 guests over wood fire on our outdoor patio. 


Glidden Point Oysters

on the half shell with cucumber mint mignonette

Snap Peas & Cherry Tomatoes

& whatever else looks good from the garden,

with Feta, Sunflower Seeds and Basil

Fire-roasted Leg of Lamb

Over grilled summer vegetables, Farro, Potatoes,

Charred Scallion Yogurt with Lamb Fat Flatbread

Rosa Rugosa Olive Oil Cake

with Strawberries & Whipped Cream



Lamb is from North Star Farms.
Oysters are from Glidden Point Oyster Farms.
Veggies are from Dandelion Spring Farms.
Veggies are also from Bumbleroot Farms.
Veggies are additionally from Two Farmers Farm.
Rose is a gift from Rosa rugosa, foraged.
White Pine is a gift from Pinus strobus, foraged.
Various greens and herbs are a gift from various greens and herbs, foraged.



Thank you to Ben, Jimmy, Alexis, and Acer. We hope all of our guests left with their stomachs & hearts full! Let's do it again soon. 

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Glidden Point Oyster Farm July 24, 2020

Would like to know when you are doing your next dinner!

nancy adams July 24, 2020

Would love to be on your mailing list for future dinners!

Karen Logan July 22, 2020

Those patio chef’s dinner look so awesome! We’d love to catch the next one you host!
Looking forward to it already.

Gale Willauer July 15, 2020

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