Don't know what to get? We can help with that. 

1. The Starter Kit 

The Starter Kit is the best bet for those that have enjoyed oysters for many years at the raw bars, but have never shucked at home. As it seems we may be spending more time at home these days, learning how to shuck is a great skill to learn at home, and will stay with you for a lifetime. The Starter Kit comes with 36 Glidden Point oysters, a wooden handled shucking knife that ages well, a shucking glove to protect your hand, and a how-to-shuck info card. The kit also makes a great gift for the longtime oyster fanatic in your life that doesn't have their own gear. Being able to shuck your own oysters opens up a whole realm of possibilities-- buy oysters and bring them to the beach with some cold beers, there's nothing like oysters en plein air by the ocean, pack some for a picnic, bring them to your next socially distant cookout, or enjoy them on a quiet weeknight! If you're a newbie, or just need a refresher, check out this How To Shuck post!


2. The Grill Kit 

The Grill Kit comes with 36 Brickyard Oysters, 24 Littleneck Clams, your choice of flavored butter & a grilling tips & tricks postcard. Use the butter on the oysters, on the clams, and keep some for corn on the cob, too. The kit would be a great addition to your weekend barbecue. Eat a couple raw, and then throw the rest on the grill right next to the burgers and dogs.


3. Glidden Point Oysters

Our best selling product online, and also our flagship oyster. We grow them in the Damariscotta River. They can take up to 4 years to grow to market size in the depths of the Damariscotta, where our deepest sites are 40 feet deep. Glidden Points are harvested by diver to not disturb the flora and fauna on the river bottom.  Gliddens are easy to shuck, feel heavy in the hand, and yield a bright, clean, crisp brine flavor with a scallopy sweet finish. You'll have to see for yourselves! We offer Glidden Points in three sizes, Cocktails, Selects, and Jumbos. 


4. Raft Purged Littleneck Clams

Our raft-purged littleneck clams are a lovely addition to any oyster order. They've become a staff favorite, and we often take them home on the weekends. Maine littlenecks are renowned for their sweetness, and they lack the gamey, bitter taste that can occur with Massachusetts and Virginia clams. We take the process one step further, and raft-purge these clams, so that you don't have to purge them yourselves, and so when you steam them for clam vongole, there's no mud, grit, or sand in the shell. 


5. Brickyard Oysters 


Brickyard oysters pay homage to the history of brick manufacturing that was once a thriving industry on the Damariscotta River. The region supplied bricks all over the country, and became the building blocks of iconic New England landmarks, including Boston's Back Bay. These oysters are known for their craggy shapes and twists and turns that make them ideally suited for grilling, roasting and steaming, though are perfectly acceptable for your raw bar as well. If you've got an oyster hound in your party, these are the oysters for you, as they come in a 50 ct bag.


6. Wild Dams

One of our most frequently asked questions are what the differences between the Wild Dams, and Glidden Points. While they thrive in the same river, Wild Dams grow wild in the Damariscotta, where there is a historically thriving wild oyster population. Wild dams are completely untouched by people until they are harvested. We work with harvesters who pick the shores of the river at low tide to buy the oysters they harvest. We then cull them, and raft-purge them so they don't have any grit or sand in the shell when you open them up. Wild Dams are great for feeding a crowd, as they come in a 50 ct bag, and these oysters, like wine, are truly representative of the river that they grow in, and are a great example of how growing area and method can affect the shape and taste of an oyster. In terms of taste, Wild Dams range in flavor as they are harvested from different sites along the river, but still have that famously salty and strong Damariscotta brine. No two wilds look alike, and they sometimes come with a rock, or mussel shell attached, what they settled on as oyster spat. We encourage you to try Wild Dams and Glidden Points side by side and notice the differences.



When you receive your box of oysters & clams in the mail, or from curbside pick-up at our farm store, unpack them and stick them in a bowl in the fridge, no ice needed. If they'll be there for a couple days, dampen a dish cloth and place over the oysters. They're good for 10 days after you receive them!

When ready to eat, rinse them off with cold water in the sink to get rid of any shell debris that may have broken off in transit, and you're ready to shuck!  


If you have any additional questions about specific oysters, or need help deciding what to buy, reach out! Give us a call at 207-315-7066, or send us an e-mail:

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