Make Chimichurri, Garlic & Herb Grilled Oysters

Temps are dropping, but we're not putting the grill away this year. We're planning on grilling through the Fall and Winter so that we can continue to enjoy the company of our friends and family by social distancing and spending time together outdoors around the grill or campfire. We partnered up with Patagonia Provisions and Casco Bay Butter to create our new & improved Grill Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to grill outdoors. The spice of the Chimichurri and heat of the grilled oysters will warm you through and through!



50 Oysters

1 Patagonia Provisions Chimichurri Spice Blends Pack

1 Container of Casco Bay Garlic & Herb Butter

(Order the kit here)


1. Heat grill to Medium-High, and while it's warming up, shuck your oysters

2. When your grill reaches temp, place oysters on the grate. If your oysters don't sit evenly on the grill grate, crinkle up some tinfoil to place under them or use the top shell from your shucked oysters to create a sturdy platform. 

3. Spoon pats of Casco Bay Garlic & Herb butter onto each oyster, and then follow that up with a sprinkle of Patagonia Provisions Chimichurri Spice Blend

4. Leave oysters on the grill with the grill cover on for 7-8 minutes. They're done when the butter is melted and bubbling, and the oyster is browned around the edges. 

5. Enjoy! Tag us on instagram if you make this recipe @gliddenpoint / @patagoniaprovisions / @casco_bay_creamery


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