Shucking 101

Shucking oysters can seem a bit intimidating if you've never done it before, but we have all the tools and the know how to help make you a pro. Grab an oyster starter kit here and check out this step by step guide on how it's done!
Looking to shuck live scallops? Visit this video tutorial here.
First, let's get to know the oyster a little bit better. We won't get too scientific here, but let's look at three main areas to be concerned with when shucking.
  • The hinge: the hinge is a point at the base of the oyster where the two shells meet, this is where you will initially insert the knife to begin shucking.
  • The adductor muscle: this is the muscle that the oyster uses to keep its shell closed tight. It is attached to the top and bottom shell, you will cut both attachment points to release the oyster from the shell.
  • The stomach: when shucking the oyster, be careful not to insert the blade too far and puncture the stomach, the goal is to keep the entire oyster intact for a pro level presentation!
Okay, let's get shucking! First things first. Make sure you've got something to protect your hand. We recommend a cut proof glove or a thick dish towel. 
Next, grab your oyster! Hold it in your gloved hand with the cup side of the oyster down and the flat top facing up. Find the hinge at the base of the oyster where the two shells meet, this is where the knife is going.
Slowly insert the knife with firm pressure straight into the hinge. Work the blade in until you can just about hold the oyster on the knife.
Next, give the knife a twist to pop the shell open. Point the tip of the blade up and use your knife as a lever to pry up the shell. 
Now that your oyster is popped open, work your blade under the shell and away from you. Apply upward pressure to cut the top shell free from the oyster's adductor muscle.
Remove the top shell, be careful not to tear the oyster or spill any brine!
You're almost there! Lastly, swipe your knife under the oyster and cut it free from the bottom shell, you're aiming for that adductor muscle again.
Now you're ready to enjoy! Place your oysters on a bed of ice to keep them chilled.
Grab our Oyster Starter Kit and get shucking!

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Well done!
You folks are doing a stand up job!
Wish we lived closer!
Thank you

Lorri August 06, 2020

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