Grillin' Season

Grilling season is upon us! Take your shellfish game to the next level by mastering the art of the grill. We'll give you a few tips and point you towards a few great products to get you going! Stay tuned for some detailed how to's of some of our favorite recipes.
Grilling oysters is fun, easy and delicious! For those of you apprehensive to try raw shellfish or to try your hand at shucking, throwing them on the grill can be a great place to start. 
First, what oysters should you choose? We like to suggest our Brickyards or our Damariscotta River Wilds. Both of these varieties tend to be a little bit bigger, their funky shapes make them a little easier to steady over the coals and they both have that great Maine flavor! Another great item to try right on the grill is our littleneck clams, they're really easy and really delicious!
Next, get your grill nice and hot! You can either shuck your oysters and clams first or just place them right on the grill and let the heat do the work. In a minute or two they'll start to slightly pop open. As they do, pull them off of the grill, let them cool and finish the job with our shucking knife. Check out more info on shucking oysters here.
Now you're ready to get your oysters back on the grill and topped with your favorite recipe! A really simple and easy way to get started is with some Casco Bay Creamery Butter. Get your opened oysters and clams on the grill, drop a little pad of butter onto each one and let them cook. Once they start to bubble away, pull them off the grill, give them a little squirt of lemon and serve hot! 
Get creative from there! Add fresh herbs, your favorite hot sauce, finely grated cheese, you name it! 
Stay tuned for detailed recipes and more cooking and serving tips!

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